Why Run for Senate District 3?

Why am I running for office? I get Results! Plain and simple. I’m just an average Joe who asks lots of questions and does my homework. Every day I roll up my sleeves and make tough decisions.   I’m not trying to win a popularity contest, I make decisions because it’s the right decision, because it’s the right thing to do.

Government takes money from your family. Your tax dollars are not my slush fund to throw out the windows to everyone who wants a handout.

If I make a promise, I keep it. You know who I am and what I stand for. That doesn’t happen very often in the political world. I need your vote on November 4th.

No other Board of County Commissioners has ever produced the results of this Board of Commissioners. Blaine Young, Kirby, Delauter, Paul Smith and Billy Shreve have produced over 5 pages of results to make your life easier, and less complicated so you can spend more time with your family.

When Elected in 2010 job #1 was to Draft a 4 year Strategic Plan. A few highlights of our accomplishments is listed below:

Taxes:This BoCC removed over 200 taxes, fees, and policies that made your life more difficult. No longer are you required to get a permit to install a garbage disposal or pay to register your home alarm.

Senior Citizens: As County Commissioner I have initiated several programs to allow Seniors to live better, and age in Place. Started a pilot program to allow the use of Transportation vouchers for private transportation services when buses do not work for them, Initiated a Senior Tax Credit, and started a land trust. The Land Trust allows several Senior friendly Living options and can be partially tax free.

Education: Wi-Fi in all schools. Why turn off a Students connection to the World? We embraced that tool and invested so that every classroom can be a computer lab and is connected to the most up to date information available.   School Security was enhanced, and investments were made in new schools and additions to existing schools.   System wide School Capacity is now less than 90%.

Roads: Developed partnerships with the City, State, and Private Sector to build and enhance Roads. Improvements are being made to RT 15/Opossumtown Pike, & RT 270/80. Interchanges are planned or being built at RT 15 near Butterfly Lane, RT 15/Biggs Ford Rd, RT 70/Meadow Rd, plus improvements to RT 75 and Monocacy Boulevard.

Open for Business: As a Commissioner, I created Large & Small Business tax credits to compete with our neighboring Counties. These programs foster Job growth, business retention, and lower unemployment. Result: More citizens live & work in Frederick County. The Government must be stable, trustworthy, predictable, and establish the same rules for everyone.

Drugs & Crime:I championed the collaborative efforts of the County, State, Sheriff’s Department, Health Department, State’s Attorney’s office, 12 Municipal Governments, and Frederick County Public Schools to educate parents about drugs & drug related issues surrounding their children. We held 4 events in County High Schools and produced a video that can be viewed online. We must stop the rising 300% increase in Heroin use, overdoses, and affiliated crimes.

These accomplishments were completed during the worst economy since the Great Depression, without raising taxes.

If you want Leadership and Results … I’m your man. Vote for me on November 4th

Billy Shreve – Frederick County Commissioner – Billy@FrederickCountymd.gov – 301.639.4763