There are many ways to help with the campaign to elect Billy Shreve. Please email us if you are interested in Helping.

In the last Election, 60,000 Frederick County Residents voted. We would like to meet them all and ask for their vote.

What we need today:

The single largest task in this election is meeting 60,000 new people and getting them to vote for Billy Shreve. If you know of community events, family gatherings, Homeowner’s Association Meetings, etc., where I could meet lots of your friends and family, invite me so I can meet them.

Signs … If you have a few places you can put up signs, that helps too. Place a yard sign at the home of your friends and family and help us find locations for larger signs on the major highways.

On Election Day: We need to have folks at the polls to hand out literature and get out the Shreve for Council message. A few hours at the Polls would be big help!!

There are many times when we could use some volunteers. From knocking on doors, helping in the office, making phone calls, or stuffing envelopes. We would love to have your support. Please fill out our volunteer form to be put on our list.