How You Can Help

  1. Have a party so I can meet your friends and neighbors.
  2. >Have me speak at your next Homeowner’s Association Meeting.
  3. Put up a sign in your Yard. Request a yard sign.
  4. Put a Bumper Sticker on your car (It’s Magnetic, so it’s easy to take off!!) Request Bumper Sticker
  5. Donate Money. Donate Now!
  6. Vote for me in the Primary Election June 26, 2018 and the General Election November 6, 2018.
  7. Ask 5 friends to vote for Billy Shreve. Email your Friends Now!
  8. Ask 5 friends to donate to Friends of Billy Shreve. Email your Friends Now!
  9. >Volunteer to help on my campaign!! Volunteer Now!
  10. Email or call all of your friends the day before the election and tell them to vote for Billy Shreve! Email your Friends Now!