My Vision

I am not a politician, I am a business person. I am a local kid from humble beginnings who has worked very, very hard to become successful. I take a common sense approach to problem solving.


What one has done in the past is a good indication of what they will do in the future. I have a long history of working hard both publically and privately for the citizens of Senate District 3, and I will work hard as your Senator.

I Need Your Support

I cannot win this election with out your help and financial support. We need a team of people working together. There is a lot of work to be done in Annapolis. Would you please consider making a contribution to help my campaign?

Many people vote because they are for or against an issue or candidate. For others, voting is about ensuring high voter turnout in the community, which results in greater access to elected officials and more of a say in decisions affecting the community. Whatever your reason make sure you have a say.